GB WhatsApp Antiban 2024


Explaining How to Install GB WhatsApp Against the Ban Initial Setup To begin, install the official WhatsApp and activate your number. Following that, download one of Fouad WhatsApp's packages. After installation, verify your number—you'll receive a code via the official WhatsApp. Enter this code to complete the setup. Handling Verification Delays Occasionally, WhatsApp may require you to wait between one to eight hours before sending the code again. If this happens, simply wait the necessary time. Chat Backup and Transfer If you wish to preserve your chats, start by backing up your conversations in the official WhatsApp. Next, follow these steps based on your Android version: Android 11 and Above: Go to Android>Media>com.whatsapp, rename the folder based on the package you are using (e.g., for FMWhatsApp, rename it to com.fmwhatsapp). Android 10 and Below: Simply rename the WhatsApp folder in your internal memory from WhatsApp to your desired mod version, such as FMWhatsApp. After renaming, activate your number on Fouad’s WhatsApp and restore your conversations. Software Updates Ensure that you uninstall any previous versions such as 9.98, and install the latest version, 10.06, to avoid any compatibility or security issues. Additional Support For further assistance, follow the comprehensive instructions and read all related explanations previously published. This will help you address any issues encountered during installation.
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Android 5.0 to up

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